I am a parent…

Did your student recently disclose to you that they experienced harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, or intimate partner violence? Or that they are under investigation from the Title IX Office? Both of these situations can be very stressful for students and parents, and you probably have many questions. We encourage parents to seek their own support as it can be very difficult to support your child through an investigation.

We also encourage you to explore the information below to understand your student’s rights at USC. Please note that due to the Family Education Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), the Title IX Office is unable to answer any questions about an investigation or even confirm or deny that your student attends USC without a FERPA waiver. We explain this to students when they meet with us at the beginning of an investigation and it is their choice if they elect to waive their privacy rights for anyone, as well as the extent of the information they want shared.

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What are my student’s rights in a university investigation?

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