Investigations at a glance

1. Receipt and outreach

When the Title IX office receives word of an incident, it sends an email to the affected party informing them of campus resources and reporting option

2. Intake

A meeting between the Reporting Party, Title IX Coordinator and an Investigator

3. Investigation

Begins when both parties are notified of a formal administrative investigation, and the Investigator conducts interviews and gathers evidence

4. Evidence Review

Investigative phase when both parties separately review the information gathered

5. Evidence Hearing

Investigative phase when both parties meet separately with the Investigator and Title IX Coordinator to respond to the information gathered and answer questions submitted by the other party

6. Findings

The investigative report called the Summary Administrative Review which summarizes the investigation and indicates whether there is in/sufficient evidence to find the Respondent responsible for a policy violation

7. Misconduct Sanctioning Panel

Three-person panel which determines sanctions after a finding of responsibility

8. Appellate Panel

A different three-person panel which reviews appeals, if an appeal is filed, and makes a recommendation to the Vice President of Student Affairs

For details on each of these steps, see the Student Misconduct policy, section VIII – Initial Assessment.