Reporting options

Reporting to:

  • Title IX
  • law enforcement/DPS
  • university staff and faculty
  • governmental authorities

Read about above reporting options found in our policy

Learn about Callisto – an online system that allows students to document or report sexual assault or unwanted sexual contact

You can use our online bias reporting system to report incidents of bias

Reporting to university staff and faculty

Reporting someone other than a student

To report:

Contact information

The Title IX Coordinator may be contacted by:


(213) 740-5086

Email (general Title IX email)

Mail or in person

USC Office of Equity and Diversity/Title IX
USC Credit Union Building
3720 South Flower Street, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0704

USC DPS may be contacted by phone at:


(213) 740-6000


(213) 740-4321

DPS may also be contacted as otherwise provided at